June 12, 2012

My first Card for Raja.

This is the card I made for Raja when he is 28 and it's his first birthday with me. I hardly had any equipment or time on hand. I worked on it for over 2 weeks whenever I found time between preparations for our wedding.
This is the cover of the card. I used fluffy paints for writing the text and outlined it with silver and gold glitter pens. I used some transparent silver ribbon, mesh, colored paper, patterned paper and did paper quilling to ornate the card.

We need to remove the ribbon knot to open the cover. This is how it appears on unfolding the cover. I added a few tags and attached the card base to the cover. That's a hand made paper flower to the right corner of the card. 

I have put three tags and made a small pink satin ribbon rose to decorate the pocket cover where I placed all the three tags. 

And then the final unfold. Ta-da. There I wished him :-)
I had to carefully design and cut the paper to achieve the pop-up. I had used sketch pens and glitter pens of different colors to decorate the letters. All the embellishments are hand made using different colored and patterned papers. 

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  1. The card that we make for our loved ones is always special!!! And you proved it with your card!!