February 5, 2013

Back after a long time

Hi all, It has been a long time; I know. I was so busy in India that I hardly got a chance to sit before my laptop. Met my friends, family and traveled thousands of miles in a month :-D (no exaggeration).

So here are all the cards that I have missed on updating in the blog.

This is a card I prepared for my cousins anniversary and also for the update on 365cards blog. You may find the post here. Oh, I love the new look on the blog. Do Bea and Pam have done marvelous changes :-) I missed the excitement for a while.

I prepared this card for my Mom's birthday and for 365 cards blog again. You may find the post here.

This was for 365 cards again :-) You can find the post here.

Hope you all liked my cards and it feels great to be able to post my cards after a while. Your opinion about the card matters.


  1. Eesha, so glad you're back safe and sound. Know you had a wonderful time!
    ALL of these are fantastic!!! Love them!

  2. Very nice cards! I'm glad to see you back again!

  3. Hi Lynn and Jeanette. I was back from the trip today :-) It was a wonderful trip and the wedding went great.