June 21, 2013

An accident - A coincidence

Hi all. Today I have a coincidence to share. I was musing over the runway inspired challenge, when I happened to go through the flickr gallery of Aga, who is their design team member. Then I came across this card of her which has put me to a shock and surprise at the same time. I happened to make a similar or rather the same card for 365 DT in April 2013 here

Here is a snap shot of both the cards. 

My Card - April 2013

My card was inspired by this sketch (mentioned in my blog post)

Both of us drew inspirations from totally different sources. How we were inspired is clearly mentioned in our respective posts. Wow! I never thought such a coincidence is possible. I mean, look at the layout, width of those colour strips and how they were arranged; the cardstock colour et al. I did case a few of her cards previously, since her cards are just awesome and inspire the card maker in me. But this one is just a coincidence, and a strong one at that. Read both the stories and you will be awed too. I wonder if such an accident has ever happened to anyone of you here. Share your opinion with me. 
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