January 26, 2015

Easy Colour Swatch Tutorial

Hi all. Colour swatches are a must have for an artist. You do not want to pull out all the stamp pads and keep trying all the shades and tones of a colour, until you find the desired colour for your project. Labels on the stamp pads can be deceiving at times, as the actual ink on paper may actually turn out to be dark or lighter than the label on stamp pad. 

One way to get a colour swatch is to download and print those that the manufacturers sell. But again, you do not want to buy all the swatches from all the manufacturers, though you may own only half of all those colours. Also these colour swatches keep getting updated with time.

So I created by own colour swatch to address all the above issues. A simple but very functional cute little swatch.

Making the Colour Swatch

 Step 1. Gather all the supplies. The supplies that we are gonna need are listed below.
1. Hole Punch
2. Binder ring
3. Pen/ label maker
4. Scissors
5. Stamp block
6. A stamp of your choice
7. Stamp pads, which you want to add to the swatch.
8. Index cards / Card stock - White

Step 2. Cut Index cards into half, to get uniform sized swatch papers. If you are using a card stock here, make sure that you are cutting all the swatches of same size. A white colour card stock or index card must be used, for obvious reasons :-)

Step 3. Stamp each colour on to a single leaf of swatch paper. Don't forget to label the make and Colour Name of that stamp pad on the swatch.

 Step 4. Once all the swatches are ready, then punch holes to a corner of the swatches in batches,

Step 5. Arrange all the swatches colour wise / make wise, as per your interest. Slip through the binder ring to secure them all in place together.

The handy colour swatch is ready-to-use !

Tip-  Whenever you buy a new stamp pad, create a swatch and slip it through the binder ring into appropriate position. So easy to maintain!

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  1. pretty idea esha, welcome back dear

  2. What a great idea. I have so many sheets where I've stamped out images looking for the right shade but this is ever so much more practical. Thanks for sharing !!!

  3. @ Kate: Am glad you found the tutorial useful. This swatch works well for me.
    @ Shylaa Shree: Thanks a lot.