July 12, 2015

Jewelry Box - Mod podged

Hi all. I have tried something for the first time, which I have wanted to for a long time. :-) I too have modpodged and I loved it!. Alright, so here is a before and after of the box. Ta-Da!

Below is the list of materials that I have used for making this box.
  1. ArtMinds wooden box base (can be purchased here.)
  2. Modpodge - Gloss-Luster
  3. Rub and Buff - Grecian Gold 
  4. Paint brushes
  5. Arcylic paints of your choice
  6. Pattern paper of your choice
  7. Water
  8. Modpodge Clear acrylic Sealer
  9. Paper trimmer
  10. Scissors
  11. Exacto Knife
  12. Measuring tape
  13. Clear tape
The Process

Colour the whole box and its interiors with an acrylic colour that matches your pattern paper and allow it to dry for an hour. This will be the base over which we start of adding layers.

Later trim the pattern paper of your choice with trimmer and scissors, according to the measurements of the box. Only the exteriors of the box may be covered with the paper. The thinner the paper the better for modpodge.

Cover all sides of the box with pattern paper and apply modpodge thoroughly and carefully, without tearing the paper. Allow the first coat of modpodge to dry before doing the 2nd coat. Any air bubbles may be punctured with a needle and the paper will flatten out. Add another coat of modpodge if necessary.

Apply sealant all over the box and finish it off by painting the knobs and border in gold or a colour of your choice. 


The trickiest part for me was with cutting the paper around the knobs. I had used an exacto knife to precisely cut the paper around the knobs carefully, by measuring the knob size.

I had always used a clear tape around the edges, to avoid the gold paint from smudging. This gave me a crisp finish with the gold paint.

I have been using this box for a month, where I have put all my favorite  fancy jewelry in.

Hope you liked this box. Thanks for stopping by.

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