February 10, 2016

Bright Floral Backdrop

Hi all. It's been a long time that I had posted something here. I have an announcement to make - 'I'm expecting a baby'. Yes !! That kept me tired for the last few months. I was busy planning, preparing check lists and all. So I couldn't create anything for sometime.
However, I got a chance to work on something colourful, creative and challenging for a couple of weeks. We had to plan for a gender neutral baby shower decor and I obviously insisted that the decor be DIY. Today I want to share with you the floral backdrop that I had made for my baby shower.

Below is the whole setting which is about 12 feet wide and 5 feet high.

(Click on the image below to view full size photo)

I knew I wanted a floral back drop which is quite bright in color, since there were several restrictions to not tape anything on the walls at the function hall and only hooks which were already present could be used to hang any decor. Also the main wall had 3 large windows over which inevitably should be part of the backdrop.

  How I made it
I had to make some 80 flowers, 50 leaves and several lose petals to make this back drop. I had used the following tutorial @AshandCrafts to make all the flowers required. This tutorial has all the steps, in detail, required for making flowers. For leaves I have used freehand drawn templates. I also used several other petals of different shapes and sizes, which are freehand drawn too. I had scored leaves to add dimension, after they were cut in different sizes and shapes.

I then assembled all the flowers on large cardboard pieces (same as packing boxes), which were cut in the shape of the arch and then hung to the hooks and windows with the help of a balloon ribbon. 

Materials Used
  1. Glue Gun 
  2. Large Cardboard pieces
  3. Color papers - A4 size - 24lbs (brights staples)
  4. Balloon ribbon
  5. Pencil
  6. Marker
  7. Scissors
  8. Templates to cut petals and leaves
  9. Foam for scoring leaves.

 A closer look at paper flowers and leaves of different colors, variety and sizes that I had made through out the setting.

Hope you liked the decor. Thanks for stopping by. Ta-Ta !!
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