June 10, 2013

Picked 3

Hi all. This week's Monday challenge @ 365 cards made me dig all my stash and use the stuff which was lying at the rock bottom in my shelf. Here is the card for today. 

This Monday's challenge @ 365 cards is "Pick 3" - Select 3 never before used items from your stash to add to your card. Anything else goes. 

How I made the card?
I never really used pom-poms on my card before. Eyelets have been purchased long back and the packet was never opened. Then I remembered that Paint chips that I had collected from time to time, have not been used for a really long time now. So I have used a paint chip to make the circle punched BG. 

Also, there is a 4th tool that I have used for the first time on this card. I have always used a tooth brush for the mist effect on my cards. But here I have used a mist spray bottle for the first time. I doodled a bow and a pearl necklace below the pom-poms to give the Mr and Mrs effect. And they lived happily ever after, together forever on my card :-)

I had to struggle to make this card with unused stuff, but it was fun as well. You too hop in and join the fun @ 365 cards blog. Hope you like my card. Your opinion about the card matters. Thank you.

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